SCDI has extensive experience with a complete range of preconstruction and construction services, all tailored to the particular needs of our clients and projects. The scope of our services fully addresses the requirements of our projects.

Design Build Construction

Streamlined project delivery method where we provide services from design conception to building construction. We integrate the skills & expertise of the architect, engineer and contractor to create viable cost


Construction and major renovations of commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, electro-mechanical works, water, sewer and drainage distribution system, bus terminals, supermarkets, hotels. Schools, and hospitals


Minor renovation and repair works, steel fabrications and installations, carpentry and finishing works, ceiling system, installation of glass and glazing, drywall partitions, and millworks including special paintings

Land Development & Road Construction

Planning, tendering and site monitoring of road building, either private road or public thoroughfares and land development of new residential and industrial areas

Architectural Design Services

Design solutions for diverse range of design sectors such as civic, commercial, industrial, education, hotel, integrated hotel and entertainment, residential, retail, pharmaceutical and transport