The Company

SPECIFIED CONTRACTORS AND DEVELOPMENT, INC., is honored to have the services and esteemed assistance of a selected breed of professionals. The innovative management and technical leadership of the broad organization strongly enhance the Firm’s technological qualifications and strength to pursue services for complex projects with little difficulty. This approach promotes the company’s qualitative popularity and respect among its clients as well as other consulting institutions and individual practitioners in the allied profession.

SPECIFIED CONTRACTORS AND DEVELOPMENT, INC., believes in a strong reciprocal interaction among its human resources, the principals, consultants, professional and non-professional staff. This practice sets the staffs training modules on a higher level exposure to more complex technological projects on a more extensive scale.

Thus, SPECIFIED CONTRACTORS AND DEVELOPMENT, INC., profoundly encourages the free flow of ideas and exchange of information among its staff, it is this concept that we take pride of an organization that is solid, dynamic and growth oriented. This organizational concept concretely manifests its responsiveness and work ability when applying the company’s basic triad tragedy of planning, execution, and evaluation in all types of projects that it undertakes. It is these three components that comprise the comprehensive approach of the Firm, where project facts and ideas are gathered and analyzed, given the appropriate direction, work plan targets implemented according to expectations; and the end results assessed and synthesized and given meaning to. The experience and lessons derived there from provide the proper inspiration and guidance to propel the projects to its successful fruition.

The human factor is top in SPECIFIED CONTRACTORS AND DEVELOPMENT, INC., construction agenda, which can be attained by participating in both private and government human settlement programs.

  • Human – The provision of a decent shelter for every family, the cause against dehumanizing effect of congested squatter areas dotted by numerous makeshift shacks.
  • SCDI can also be involved in the construction in one of the man’s basic needs. It can also build for man’s leisure and education through the construction of schools, parks and beaches development, which are very much a part of an enriching activity.
  • SCDI can also be engaged in the development of sports complexes, hospitals, hotels and other business establishments. It can involved itself in the construction of road networks, land development, storm drainage and sewerage and water distribution systems which are all vital requirements of a developing community.
  • Commercial building construction is one of the main involvements of SCDI. Going hand-in-hand with industrialization is the stimulation of trade and commerce so that goods produced will pass from the producer to end users. That is what commercial buildings are for: marketing and sales activities, and that is why there are roads, bridges, airports, ports and harbors, bus terminals, railways and supermarkets. They all share in the task of turning the wheels of commerce and where SCDI is starting to participate in.

Through this involvement, and as a partner in the competitive world of construction business, SCDI has already chalked-up a track record with its initial projects. These are amply complemented by the track records of established names in the industry who are now running the affairs of SCDI. These are the people who are convinced of the development role of SCDI and who see to it that both brain and brawn contribute to this nationwide effort.

SPECIFIED CONTRACTORS AND DEVELOPMENT, INC., is assured not only of the attainment of its goods objectives but primarily of its commitment to development.