Our Culture

SCDI’s fundamental principles expressed in our mission, vision and philosophy drive everything we do. Incorporating these principles in our daily work and making them an integral part of
our culture, is key to our success.


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Diversity is one of the reasons SCDI is one of the leading construction company in the industry because we believe that diversity is a source of strength. It is the strength that comes from employees of many different cultures, backgrounds, experiences, education and lifestyles. This makes us a stronger company by bringing in fresh ideas, diverse perspectives, and various experiences to ensure that we meet the diverse needs of our clients and challenges of every project. Hence, SCDI is committed to embracing diversity and looking for more ways to be a truly inclusive organization.

Our diverse workforce photographed during our team building activity held in Subic.


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SCDI recognizes the environmental repercussions of construction activities and the responsibilities it entails. Thus, we consciously make use technology in our operation to help conserve
and preserve clean air, pure water, our land and natural resources. Our commitment to sustainable development focuses not only to be responsible for the natural environment but to the protection of human health as well. This is apparent in various facets of our operations – from employing the best environmental practices, to specifying and using green building materials, to recycling and reducing the disposal of rubble and construction wastes and at the same time adhering to high quality standards in providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.


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Safety is priority. SCDI advocates a strong safety program that protects the staff and employees, sub-contractor and trade contractor staff and employees and the general public, as
well as the protection of the property and the environment. Our safety programs and practices, implemented and monitored by our Safety Engineers and staff, provide both the tools to work
safely and the atmosphere to promote safety. We recognize our responsibility to facilitate all viable means to prevent the occurrence of accidents and situations that may cause imminent
danger to people, property and environment.


Giving back to the community is a long-standing tradition of SCDI. We believe in building better communities through serving the needs of others and that is why SOLID FUTURE FOUNDATION INC has been created.

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Solid Future Foundation, inc is a non-stock, non-profit organization, founded and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 19, 2003 and is an accredited province wide public sector organization in Catanduanes on 2007. It is committed to pursue and undertake sustainable socio-economic programs for the upliftment of the people’s well being through activities aimed at developing and harnessing human resources and local industries.

Here are the events, which we have been involved:


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Through the foundation’s initiative, Training Centers in Antipolo, Rizal, Viga and Pandan, Catanduanes have been built. These buildings are now used as avenue for training the out of school youths, unemployed, and students as future skilled workers for wages and selfemployed opportunities, both local and abroad. SFFI was recognized by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) as one of their partner sandal so as vehicle to implement their projects.

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SFFI has sourced funds once again and constructed the Calatagan Day Care Center. The foundation also managed to donate books to various elementary and secondary schools in the province of


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SFFI conducted several medical and dental missions as part of their Health Enhancement Program. In line with this, the foundation has donated hospital equipment to Eastern Bicol Medical Center.

Solid Future Foundation Inc also donated medicines to immediately treat the afflicted during an Epidemic spread at the municipalities of San Andres, Virac and other nearby areas and other
medicines to various health centers.


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SFFI tie-­‐up with government agencies, NGOs and private organizations to conduct livelihood trainings and initiatives, entrepreneurship seminars, business tie-­‐ups to help individuals and
cooperatives for capital improvement and business opportunities


[pictureframe image=”http://scdicontractors.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/relief.png” align=”left” lightbox=”true” title=”RELIEF OPERATIONS” width=”430″]

Solid Future Foundation Inc. makes it a point to immediately respond to typhoon victims by way of conducting relief operations to affected areas, whether it is in Manila or in the provinces.

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